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Band Submission

Band FAQ

Before reaching out to us, please peruse the information on this page. Your queries might already have answers here!

Q: I’m part of a band and wonder if Brutal Records would consider signing us. A: First, assess if your music stands at a level worthy of a record deal. If you believe you can stand toe-to-toe with our other artists in terms of songwriting and performance, or if you possess something distinctive, we’re eager to hear your demo.

While we endeavor to review all demos, please understand we receive a high volume, so patience is appreciated if you don’t hear back within a couple of weeks. Kindly, reach out via email only – refrain from mailing CDs or other formats. It’s an eco-friendly practice!

Here’s a quick checklist for composing your email:

  1. We solely accept demo submissions in English.
  2. Provide complete contact details (name, address, phone, email).
  3. Include links to your Website and Social Media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Channel, Spotify, Bandcamp, or Soundcloud).
  4. Share links to your latest unreleased demo recordings (private listening/stream links, Soundcloud, etc.). No file attachments, please – emails with attachments will be discarded.
  5. Furnish a band biography, along with any press quotes or links to features/reviews.
  6. Highlight anything noteworthy about your band or product – special studio recordings, collaborations with renowned producers, touring history, etc.

Remember, send only text and links, no attachments!

Once you’ve checked off everything on the list, send your email to:

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