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About Us

About Us

...The Masters of Sounds!

Independent Record Label

Brutal Records was founded by Michael R Howard Sr in 1986, who at the time was a business entrepreneur in New Orleans, Louisiana. The label’s first release was a debut album called Supernatural Death, from a local thrash metal group by the name Incubus.

In 1987, New Orleans thrash metal band Incubus released their debut album “Serpent Temptation” on Brutal Records  which rocketed to the top of the charts in multiple countries, including Brazil, USA, Finland, Germany, Norway, Greece, Sweden, Austria, and more. It became the first release in the company’s history to reach  on the Underground Music charts.

Brutal Records with a strong presence in the leading markets for metal and rock music, such as Europe, America, and Worldwide the Independent Record Label strategically promotes its artists through various world channels.

Through extensive reviews, compelling interviews, and impactful advertisements, the Record label ensures that the music of these talented artists reaches a wider audience and garners the recognition it truly deserves.

Global Music Distribution

MVD Music Entertainment – USA, Canada and Worldwide

Cargo Records – Germany Austria and Switzerland

Plastic Head Music Distribution Ltd – UK/IE

Suburban Distribution – Benelux

Goodfellas – Italy

Border Music – Scandinavia

Season of Mist – France 

Altafonte – Spain/Portugal 

The Planet MGM – Australia/NZ

Elmo Music Dist., Gasts, Disk Union and a few others – Japan

Beyond its Role as a Metal Music Shop

Independent Record label, Brutal Records operates a thriving online shop that caters to the enthusiastic metal community. This online shop has emerged as a go-to destination for metal enthusiasts, providing them with an extensive selection of vinyl records, band merchandise, and exclusive releases.

Whether through their new releases, online shop, or distribution efforts, Brutal Records remains dedicated to fueling the growth and recognition of emerging metal artists, shaping the landscape of the metal music scene.


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