As the World Trembles in Anticipation KAIVS Emerges from the Shadows

Brace yourselves, for a new single For Satan Your Flesh For God Your Soul release date September 20th, 2024 from the new album After the Flesh release date in October 11, 2024. For the age of darkness is upon us, and KAIVS leads the charge.

Prepare for an onslaught of pure, unadulterated death metal fury as Brutal Records proudly announces the signing of Rome’s very own purveyors of chaos, KAIVS.

In a statement dripping with the venom of anticipation, the band declared, “We’ve inked a pact with Brutal Records, and it’s time to unleash hell on a global scale. We’re hungry to spread our darkness far and wide, and Brutal Records is the perfect conduit for our wrath. Brace yourselves, for KAIVS is here to conquer.”

With the ferocity of a ravenous beast, KAIVS delivers bone-crushing riffs, guttural vocals, and an unyielding barrage of sonic assault. Their brand of death metal is a testament to raw power, devoid of mercy or compromise. Inspired by the unholy sounds of the early 1990s Stockholm scene, KAIVS infuses their music with a relentless drive that cuts through the soul like a serrated blade.

But KAIVS is more than just a mere echo of the past. They are pioneers of darkness, forging a new path through the charred remains of the old. With their upcoming debut album, “After the Flesh,” slated for global domination in October 2024 under the banner of Brutal Records, KAIVS promises to redefine the very essence of brutality.

New Album ‘After The Flesh’

Led by the unholy trinity of Max Foam’s demonic vocals, Tiziano Mortician’s razor-sharp guitar work, Jacopo Simonelli’s thunderous bass lines, and Leonardo Sastro’s relentless drumming, KAIVS stands as a towering monument to the dark arts of death metal.


1. Koshercannibal
2. Beyond The Autopsy
3. For Satan Your Flesh For God Your Soul
4. Blooduniverses
5. Krushing All Altars
6. Sepulchrist
7. Blasphemer After the Flesh
8. Horrend

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