The band MEPHISTO was founded in September 1997 in the City of Holguín, Cuba. It was the first group Cuban metal in mixing within its chords the old school black metal sound of the 90’s, at the same time they were the first to appear on stage with their made-up faces and costumes satanists, which caused a great movement within the national scene.

From its foundation to date has been presented at all the national festivals and has shared the stage with most of the Cuban bands and some international ones.

In September 2013 the band gave a great concert with the Holguín Symphony Orchestra, being the first metal band in Cuba to do something of such magnitude. hard. In this concert, songs from his entire career were played.

This presentation came out on a DVD and CD titled- do “Monumental Rising from the Ashes”, published by the Cuban label Bis Music, which was nominated in the Cubadisco of the year.

2014 awards for best metal album and new band. The band signs with the label Mexican Concreto Records for the album titled “Reborn from Ashes”.

After this production MEPHISTO had lineup changes, but this did not stop it from continuingrecording. The band participates in the Metal Por México compilation, an album released in this sister country in

2018 with bands from several countries, with the aim of raising funds for the victims of the earthquakes. coughs that occurred in that country. Here MEPHISTO participates with the theme: “The Beast in the Underbelly.”

In mid-2019 they released the single “Pentafixion”. In December 2019 they toured Nicaragua, where they appeared in some cities of that Central American country. In June 2020 they participate in the compiled “Radio Metal Vol. 1ˮ. The band signs with the Italian label Worm Hole Death Records for their new album “Pentafixion”, which was released in March 2021.

At the beginning of 2022, its director and vocalist Eddar Osney Cardoso leaves the band for personal reasons, and his guitarist Kevin Chaperon takes over on vocals.

“Symphony of Woves” explores identity and belonging in a deeply personal way. The emotive lyrics and dynamic instrumentals evoke a sense of longing and self-discovery.



Kevin Chaperón – Guitar and Vocalist
Fabián F. Rodríguez González – Guitar
Alexander Jorge Parra – Bass, Drums Sampler and Orchestra



Seven Dead Cities. Demo 1998

Knowledge of Necronomicon. Demo 1998

Creation of the Magnificent. Demo 1998

Carpathian Tales. Demo-CD 2000

Dominion Satan. Demo 2003

Blasphemy and Evil. Demo 2004

Monumental Rising From the Ashes. DVD+CD 2015

Reborn From Ashes. CD 2016

Pentafixion. CD. 2021