MEPHISTO is set to unleash their bone-chilling masterpiece, “Carpathian Tales,” via Brutal Records on March 1st, 2024.

Hitting you like a relentless avalanche of dark, haunting symphonic black metal from Cuba in the Caribbean!

Carpathian Tales delivering a tightly woven and expertly produced sound, this recent release skillfully blends various elements and styles within its genre, maintaining an engaging quality.


01. Intro – Blasphemy Birth in Transylvania
02. Before thy Darkest Throne
03. Symphony of Wolves
04. Mausoleum of Immortals
05. Lord Draculia
06. Under Moonlight I Wish
07. IV Moon Domine
08. Monarch of Wallachia
09. One Dead Kiss … in Aeternum
10. The Carpathian Chronicle
11. Outro -Cry of the Blizzard

Each instrument is allowed room to breathe, with the symphonic elements skillfully integrated, never overpowering and seamlessly coexisting with the fast-paced and more intense sections throughout the album.

The vocal range is noteworthy, encompassing harsh and throaty tones, occasionally incorporating traditional ‘death metal’ elements, providing the album with a diverse appeal. The bass contributes a fantastic dirty, fat twang, enhancing the album’s overall impact. The drums exhibit both simplicity and technical skill from start to finish, introducing an almost progressive layer to the songs. The guitar work is undeniably classic black riffage melodic, swift, and expertly performed, akin to a perfectly charred slab of beef.


Kevin Chaperón – Guitar and Vocalist

Fabián F. Rodríguez González – Guitar Alexander

Jorge Parra – Bass, Drums Sampler and Orchestra

Prepare to be swept away by the sheer force of MEPHISTO’s sonic assault! “Carpathian Tales,” a collaboration with Brutal Records, beckons you to dive headfirst into the abyss of symphonic black metal, immersing yourself in its depths of darkness and despair.”

Brace yourselves for an onslaught of pure metal madness!