Architecture of Chaos – MP3

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Architecture of Chaos – MP3, Death Metal,Doom Metal band Satanic, and musical components and lyrical themes within a black metal framework.

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Architecture of Chaos

Satanic from Trois-Rivieres in Quebec

Architecture of Chaos – MP3, Satanic is a three-member band hailing from Trois-Rivieres in Quebec. The group consists of Martin Carle on drums, Guillame Petit on guitar and vocals, and Izaac Beaudoin on bass and vocals.

Album Overview: Architecture of Chaos
  • “Architecture of Chaos” serves as their debut album, featuring eight tracks with a total duration of approximately 40 minutes.
  • The album delves into themes such as war, global conspiracies, and Satanism.
Old-School Metal Passion and Bold Claim
  • Satanic is widely recognized for their deep-rooted passion for old-school black metal.
  • With their debut album, they boldly claim to deliver exceptionally fervent death metal compositions, inviting listeners to explore their unique sound.
Track Review: Mephistophelian
  • The album kicks off with the powerful track “Mephistophelian,” characterized by intense heaviness and rapidly chugging riffs.
  • Demonic growls introduce infectious melodies, while the guitars take center stage. Despite slight limitations in drum production, the captivating guitar riffs effectively compensate for this minor drawback.
Speed Riffing: World of Chaos and Armageddon
  • Satanic displays their expertise in speed riffing through tracks like “World of Chaos,” seamlessly transitioning from descending guitar lines to blisteringly fast riffs.
  • “Armageddon” further demonstrates their knack for neck-breaking riffs, occasionally featuring rhythm sections and bass solos.
Intense Riffing: Systematic Fear and Processing the Undead
  • “Systematic Fear” captivates listeners with lightning-fast and loud riffs that blur into continuous notes due to rapid picking.
  • “Processing the Undead” offers a more rhythmic approach, accompanied by meatier drum sounds. The song culminates with a fantastic riff and synchronizes horrifying vocals, leaving a lasting impact.
Variation and Modern Touches: Architecture of Apocalypse
  • “Architecture of Apocalypse” displays inventive intros, with a slower start featuring a delightful bass line blending with solid riffs and eventually leading to enjoyable solos.
  • Moreover, the track incorporates captivating solos and infectious head-banging riffs, making it nearly impossible to resist nodding along.
Old-School Feel with Modern Elements
  • While maintaining an authentic old-school death metal vibe in production and mastering, “Architecture of Chaos” skillfully incorporates contemporary elements that enhance its overall impact.
  • The album’s strengths lie in its excellent bass lines and solos, brilliant riffing, powerful satanic vocals, and precisely timed drumming, resulting in a hard-hitting, eye-opening, and satisfying death metal experience.
  • Striking a perfect balance between aggression, speed, groove, and rhythm, the penultimate track “Biotech Warfare” epitomizes this fusion.
Culmination: Biotech Warfare and Tchernobyl 86
  • “Biotech Warfare” epitomizes the essence of Satanic’s style, with seamless transitions between mind-bogglingly fast and remarkably catchy riffs. The drums provide infectious rhythms that gradually intensify, while the bass and vocals contribute a solid foundation and a disturbingly strong presence, respectively.
  • As a grand finale, the album concludes with the epic sub-9-minute death metal spectacle “Tchernobyl 86.” The track features an array of excellent riffs, maintaining a consistently heavy tone while varying the pace. The vocals shine brilliantly, accompanied by well-executed drumming, delivering nine minutes of unrelenting brutality.
Impressive Conclusion: Architecture of Chaos

In conclusion, “Architecture of Chaos – MP3” stands as an impressive streaming debut

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  1. Brutalife

    Satanic is without a shadow of a doubt album title Architecture of Chaos’s darkest, most sinister and brutal work to date.

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