Axegressor is a thrash metal band from Turku, Finland with a brutal thrash metal music that can make you smile as you headbang then look no further.

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A Unique Blend of Old School Thrash Metal

Bannerless by Axegressor new thrash metal album offers a respectable listening experience. It gradually loosens up as it progresses towards the end, allowing the toughness of the opening tracks to fully reveal their flavors. 

Track List:

  1. In Safe Space No One Can Hear Your Scream
  2. Ever Bending Spine
  3. Bridges to Cross and Burn
  4. Terminal Ignition
  5. Igno-Rant
  6. Human Travesty
  7. The Lethality of Mediocrity
  8. Barren Bloodline Worship
  9. Truth Prostitute
  10. Peace at Last (Armageddon)
  11. Don’t Be an Asshole

The album Bannerless displays Axegressor’s willingness to explore new thrash metal territories while remaining true to their distinctive sound.


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