Anthems for an Eternal Battle


Draconis ansouth America artists from Argentina, strikes with an rhythmic assault of raw riffs and relatively technical South America-style death metal

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Anthems for an Eternal Battle

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary musical journey as DRACONIS unveils their latest masterpiece, titled Anthems for an Eternal Battle – cd + digital download formats available.


  1. Anthems for an Eternal Battle
  2. Puppets Who Ignore their Masters
  3. Inner Quest
  4. My Last Journey
  5. Shadows of Emptiness
  6. Remembering the Unremembering
  7. Ship of Illusions
  8. Traitors of Everyday
  9. Lost Angel
  10. Falling into Darkness

Hailing from Argentina, this death metal band has skillfully crafted an album that goes beyond mere music, evoking profound emotions and captivating the senses.

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