Supernatural Death


“Supernatural Death”  cd format reissue 30th Anniversary thrash metal deluxe with 14 remastered songs + 2 bonus studio songs on Jewelcase 

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Opprobrium – Reissue 30th Anniversary Edition

Supernatural Death  deserves greater recognition for its exceptional quality and enduring impact. This album serves as a powerful testament to the unmatched ferocity of the original Incubus, signifying a momentous milestone in the realms of both death metal and thrash metal with its exceptional musical prowess, it leaves an indelible mark on the genres and stands as a remarkable achievement.


  1. The Battle of Armageddon
  2. Voices from the Grave
  3. Blaspheming Prophets
  4. Underground Killers
  5. Serpent Temptation
  6. Hunger for Power
  7. Blind Vengeance
  8. Sadistic Sinner
  9. Rigor Mortis
  10. Cataleptic
  11. Hell’s Fire
  12. Assault
  13. Incubus
  14. Death

Opprobrium – Supernatural Death is an exceptional album that deserves greater recognition. Undoubtedly, its impact on the death metal and thrash metal genres cannot be overstated. Ultimately, the band’s musical prowess and unparalleled ferocity make it a milestone in the realm of extreme metal.

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