Visions of the Onslaught


Volition “Visions of the Onslaught” a thrash metal artists music wonder to behold, are one of the most frantic and life affirming bands on the circuit at the moment.

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Thrash Metal Artists Music Wonder to Behold!

Volition Visions of the Onslaught”  captures all the essential elements inherent; the unrelenting brutality, dark brooding atmosphere, the infectious riffs and guitar shredding that lays down the backbone to a solid rhythm section making ‘Visions of the Onslaught’ a death metal wonder to behold.

Tracks List:

  1. Morbid Devastation
  2. Theories of Punishment
  3. Enforce with Violence
  4. Injection Vendetta
  5. Annihilation
  6. Vengeful Satisfaction
  7. Justified Mortality
  8. Crypts of Flesh
  9. Volition

Embodies the very essence of their genre, capturing the essential elements that define thrash metal. Their music “Visions of the Onslaught”  cd, embodies unyielding brutality, conjuring a dark and brooding atmosphere that enthralls listeners. Infectious riffs and blistering guitar shredding form the sturdy foundation of their sound, creating a solid rhythm section that commands attention.

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