Cycle of Disaster – MP3

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Valvera an blend of thrash metal music and a traditional Brazil heavy metal, deliver a high intensity rollercoaster of pure Neo-Thrash that is highly addictive.

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VÁLVERA – Neo-Thrash Metal


A Melodic Thrash Experience

Cycle of Disaster – mp3 presents a captivating blend of slightly melodic thrash metal, infused with an abundance of crunch, bite, and unbridled passion, satisfying the cravings of the most ardent followers.

Válvera’s Third Studio Album:

Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, “Cycle of Disaster” stands as the highly anticipated third studio album by Válvera, thrashing metal music with aggression and often fast tempo. Collaborating with the talented Rogerio Wecko at the renowned Dual Noise Studio in São Paulo, the band ensures top-notch mastering, mixing, and sound engineering.

Review and Music Critics:

This release not only captivates fans but also garners rave reviews from both Brazilian and international music critics on numerous respected websites, magazines, and publications.

“Cycle of Disaster” Cover Art:

Moreover, the visually striking cover art, masterfully crafted by Marcelo Vasco, is renowned for his work with esteemed acts like Slayer, Machine Head, Metal Allegiance, and Kreator.

The Mesmerizing Essence of VÁLVERA’s Music:

These mesmerizing vocal harmonies further enhance the immersive experience, ensuring true continuity during the transitions.

In addition, the vocals, delivered with a touch of malicious metal frosting, function as catalysts for seamless transitions, effortlessly shifting from one riff to a new thematic element.

Connecting Riffs and Song Structures:

Enjoying the abruptness, this band alternate between structures with no warning and in the style of the old school thrash metal.

Connecting their riffs in the context of song structure and in that mindset often dive or leap to a change unpredictably, with a fire of acquisition.


VÁLVERA – Cycle of Disaster – mp3, executes percussion with precision, deliberately embracing a minimalist framework for flawless execution.

Poignant Lyrics:

Furthermore, the lyrics delve into various catastrophes that have befallen Brazil and its people, focusing on historical events.

Through deliberate songwriting and the use of simple yet impactful musical elements, the sound of Cycle of Disaster immerses listeners in an unforgettable experience.

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