Architecture of Chaos


Architecture of Chaos title album a death metal in digital format, doom metal band SATANIC artists an musical components and lyrical themes within a black metal framework.

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Satanic Metal Artists from Trois-Rivieres in Quebec

Architecture of Chaos  in digital format, Satanic is a three-member band hailing from Trois-Rivieres in Quebec. The group consists of Martin Carle on drums, Guillame Petit on guitar and vocals, and Izaac Beaudoin on bass and vocals. “Architecture of Chaos” serves as their debut album, featuring eight tracks with a total duration of approximately 40 minutes.


  1. Mephistophelian
  2. World of Chaos
  3. Processing The Undead
  4. Architecture of Apocalypse
  5. Armageddon
  6. Systematic Fear
  7. Biotech Warfare
  8. Tchernobyl 86

The album delves into themes such as war, global conspiracies, and Satanism. Satanic is widely recognized for their deep-rooted passion for old-school black metal. With their debut album, they boldly claim to deliver exceptionally fervent death metal compositions, inviting listeners to explore their unique sound.


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