SCARS the sound of old school Brazilian classic thrash metal music will impress all metal fan who loves visceral riffs, epic drums and bass fusions, and loves vocals.

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Old School Thrash Metal

Predatory  old school thrash metal band from Brazil was originally formed in 1991. Scars has been active for three decades and has undergone several line-up changes. Their latest album from SCARS displays their thrash metal style with lead singer Regis’s intense and roaring vocals. The album exudes menace and aggression throughout its forty six minute runtime with the majority of songs exceeding six minutes in length.


  1. Predatory
  2. These Bloody Days
  3. Ancient Power
  4. Sad Darkness of The Soul
  5. The Unsung Requiem
  6. Ghostly Shadows
  7. The 72 Faces of God
  8. Beyond The Valley of Despair
  9. Violent Show
  10. Armageddon
  11. Silent Force

‘Predatory’ sound is an intensely aggressive and darkly sinister album that takes listeners on a fierce and fiery journey of heavy hitting thrash metal. The album’s relentless energy invites enthusiastic headbanging and effectively showcases the band’s ability to deliver a powerful and memorable musical experience.

1 review for Predatory

  1. Brutalife

    Predatory: Firstly, the album kicks off with this fast-paced and aggressive title track, delivering a bruising assault of aggression and menace.

    These Bloody Days: Secondly, a two-and-a-half-minute rocket blast that energizes the crowd and ignites mosh pits with its upfront and in-your-face style.

    Ancient Power: Starting with a menacing mood, the song quickly transforms into a fierce and fiery thrash metal assault, leaving listeners breathless.

    Sad Darkness of The Soul: This mid-tempo thrash powerhouse combines heavy foot stomping with Regis F.’s aggressive vocals, creating an intense and spine-chilling experience.

    The Unsung Requiem: Acting as a midway point in the album, this two-minute atmospheric and tense instrumental sets the stage for the second half.

    Ghostly Shadows: Launching the second half with a blazing fury, this track hits hard and relentlessly, leaving a lasting impact.

    The 72 Faces of God: Departing from the traditional thrash metal sound, this song introduces heavy metal elements and catchy rhythms, appealing to a broader metal fanbase.

    Beyond The Valley of Despair: Stomping heavily with sizzling guitars, this track reintroduces the album to its thrash metal roots, exuding mood and menace.

    Violent Show: Lastly, closing the album with an atmospheric intro, this high-velocity track displays pace and power, concluding the album on a strong note.

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