Far Beyond Existence (MP3)

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Torture Squad to attack humanity once again with another sensational blast of traditional extreme music, titled Far Beyond Existence, the eight full length album release in their solid and exciting career.

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Seamless Fusion of Thrash and Death Metal

A Strong Return

TORTURE SQUAD’s “Far Beyond Existence  (MP3)” finally available for download, showcasing their seamless fusion of thrash and death metal.

Fresh Energy with Vocalist Mayra

The introduction of vocalist Mayra injects a fresh and invigorating energy into their sound.

Irresistible Appeal of “Far Beyond Existence”

While opinions may vary among their fans, “Far Beyond Existence” grips you, tearing you apart!

Embracing the Sounds of Torture Squad

Fans of European death thrash should prepare themselves to embrace the sounds of Torture Squad.

Drawing comparisons to renowned acts like Sodom, Suffocation, Coroner, Legion of the Damned, and the iconic Brazilians Sepultura.

Mayara ‘Undead’ Puertas: A Perfect Fit

Vocalist Mayara ‘Undead’ Puertas makes her full-length debut, evidently, stepping in as a replacement for the long-standing lead singer Vitor Rodrigues.

Puertas brings a low, dry bark that can plunge into profound depths or soar to higher pitches.

Versatility and Skilled Musicianship

Amílcar Christófaro and Castor refuse to settle into a predictable groove, providing relentless energy that propels Rene Simionato’s virtuosic guitar work.

The album traverses chugging death metal, blistering thrash, melodic black chords, occasional clean passages, and captivating technical fills.

Productive Hiatus: Track by Track

In fact, examining each track individually would underscore the band’s productive four-year hiatus, proving that their time was well spent.

Standards Met

While some may argue that a selection of eight songs could have been stronger than the current ten, on the contrary, it’s important to note that every track meets the established standard.

Captivating Twists and Turns

Though none quite reach the epic scope of “Blood Sacrifice,” both the title track and “No Fate” offer captivating twists and turns.

Visceral Experience

Indeed, “Hate,” “You Must Proclaim,” and “Hero for the Ages” provide a visceral experience that resonates on an instinctual level, while still incorporating experimental elements.

Impressive Guitar Solos

Furthermore, throughout the album, Simionato’s guitar solos shine, leaving a lasting impression, although it would have been interesting to see them further explored given the song lengths.

Cohesive Flow and Potential

Surprisingly, the band’s technical prowess maintains a cohesive flow from start to finish. Meanwhile, “Far Beyond Existence” could have ventured into acoustic interludes.

Unyielding and Intense

In conclusion, “Far Beyond Existence (MP3)” remains unyielding, delivering bone-crushing thrash death metal with relentless intensity



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