Far Beyond Existence


Torture Squad album title ‘Far Beyond Existence delves into a relentless fusion of thrash metal, brutal death metal and unyielding rhythms driven by a desire to unleash sonic chaos upon the masses.

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Fusion of Thrash and Death Metal

Far Beyond Existence by Torture Squad from Brazil new album is finally available in digital download which’s showcasing their seamless fusion of thrash metal and death metal.


  1. Don’t Cross my Path
  2. No Fate
  3. Blood Sacrifice
  4. Steady Hands
  5. Hate
  6. Hero for the Ages
  7. Far Beyond Existence
  8. Cursed by Disease
  9. You Must Proclaim
  10. Area 51
  11. Raise Your Horns (Live)

The songs on the album often incorporate intricate and technical guitar work, accompanied by aggressive drumming and thunderous bass lines. The lyrics touch upon themes of social and political issues, human nature, and personal struggles.


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