Lovely Light of Life – CD

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LEACH is a thrash metal band from Sweden that began as a mix of thrash and death metal music with a focus on melodic gestures of these two styles.

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LEACH  “Lovely Light of Life – CD”


Sweden’s Rich Heavy Metal Tradition and LEACH’s Aspirations LEACH – Lovely Light of Life – CD,  a powerful thrash ‘n’ roll trio, aims to leave their mark in the heavy metal realm with their third album.

Influences and Sound Palette

In this paragraph, Paying Tribute to Icons “Lovely Light of Life – CD” channels the spirits of legendary acts like ENTOMBED, LAMB OF GOD, TRIVIUM, and HATEBREED.

Unyielding Energy from the Start

However, Prelude and “Serenade (For the Broken Brave)” The album begins with a burst of energy in the Prelude track, seamlessly flowing into the intense opening track.

Blazing Riffs and Heart-Pounding Moments

The Brilliance of “Serenade” “Serenade” impresses with its scorching riffs, soaring guitar solos, and bone-crushing breakdowns that ignite a surge of adrenaline.

Unwavering Intensity and Memorable Tracks

LEACH’s Determined Path LEACH maintains a relentless intensity throughout the album,  with standout tracks like “Carry The Stigma,” “True North,” and “Gaslighting.”

Markus Wikander’s Commanding Presence

In addition, Vocals and Guitar Mastery Lead vocalist and guitarist Markus Wikander steals the show with his fierce yet articulate vocals and impressive guitar work.

Familiarity and Creative Boundaries

Furthermore, Navigating the Heavy Metal Realm While delivering a solid musical experience, the album treads familiar territory, adhering closely to the established heavy metal conventions.

Seeking Dynamics and Flow

Craving for Variations The album could benefit from more most importantlydynamic shifts and moments of respite to enhance its overall flow and offer a greater sense of variety.

Endurance and Album Length

A Test for Engaged Listening The album’s duration might challenge listeners’ endurance, as its lack of variation may require sustained interest until the closing notes.


In conclusion, LEACH’s Arrival in the Heavy Metal Scene With “Lovely Light of Life”,

LEACH showcases their ambitions and musical prowess, while also acknowledging areas for further exploration and growth.

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