Making Noise Living Fast


The Brazilian thrashers Hellgarden album Making Noise Living Fast Metal Music has a lot of excitement in compositions and uses many good tempo variations to avoid repetition.

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Brazilian Groove Metal Artists

Making Noise Living Fast by HellgardeN the epitome of Brazilian groove metal Artists, presents a formidable blend of thrash metal and groove metal


  1. Spit on Hypocrisy
  2. Evolution or Destruction
  3. Learned to Play Dirty
  4. Fuck the Consequences
  5. Brainwash
  6. Making Noise, Living Fast
  7. Believe in Yourself or Die
  8. Possessed by Noise

In their latest release, “HellgardeN” the band displays songs that exude an authentic, intense, and captivating sound with their exceptional musicianship firmly establishes themselves as experts in the genre.


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