Malditos – CD

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Amnessia Eterna “Malditos,” is an explosive display of thrash metal knowledge. Packed with relentless speed, a touch of aggression, and ample headbanging opportunities

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Malditos – CD

A Chilean Thrash Metal Sensation

Amnessia Eterna: Thrash Metal Mastery from Chile

Malditos – CD, Amnessia Eterna has swiftly become a prominent force in the world of thrash metal since their formation in 2016. Their explosive debut album, “Malditos,” released in 2021, displays their unapologetic and aggressive style, evoking the spirit of classic eighties thrash metal. Let us delve into the eleven exhilarating tracks that make up this forty-five-minute album and explore the captivating realm of Amnessia Eterna.

Talented Lineup: Guiding the Musical Journey

With Camilo Sánchez on vocals and guitar, Rudy Pereira on guitar, Jairo Sepúlveda on drums, and Fernando Martínez on bass, Amnessia Eterna boasts a lineup of exceptional talent. This quartet leads the charge in shaping the band’s musical journey, displaying remarkable skill and synergy. Their collective efforts have propelled them to an impressive start, laying a strong foundation for their future endeavors.

Distinctive Malditos Spanish Lyrics

Setting themselves apart from the pack, Amnessia Eterna incorporates Spanish lyrics into their music, adding a unique touch to their sound. This choice further elevates their music and showcases their cultural identity, creating a distinct flavor within the thrash metal landscape.

Caminos: An Electrifying Prelude

The album commences with “Caminos,” a one-minute crescendo that gradually builds, enveloping listeners with its gentle touch. This mesmerizing introduction erupts into a furious onslaught of thrash, demonstrating that the language of metal transcends barriers and resonates universally with fans across the globe.

Lujuria: A Fusion of Melody and Power

“Lujuria” intensifies the pace, hitting harder than its predecessor. This track seamlessly blends the elements of traditional heavy metal with the melodic essence of thrash, resulting in an infectious and enthralling auditory experience. The catchy chorus is destined to reverberate through the enthusiastic concert crowds.

Desquiciado Pecador: Unleashing Chaotic Energy

“Desquiciado Pecador” sets the album ablaze with its blinding speed and unrelenting intensity. Its powerful and frenetic rhythm becomes the catalyst for exhilarating headbanging, igniting mosh pits wherever it is played. Amnessia Eterna pays homage to the legacy of South American metal bands, delivering an impressive performance with their debut.

En busca del Poder: A Ferocious Onslaught

Continuing the album’s relentless pace, “En busca del Poder” demands an even more frenzied headbanging experience. The band effortlessly infuses the album with a nostalgic old-school vibe while infusing it with modern elements that resonate with both younger and older generations of metal enthusiasts.

Initium: A Heavy and Infectious Instrumental

Departing from the breakneck speed of thrash, Amnessia Eterna – Malditos – CD presents “Initium.” This mid-tempo instrumental displays their exceptional musicianship and hooks listeners with its infectious melodies. The band strikes a harmonious balance between classic and contemporary sounds, captivating audiences with their versatility.

Infierno: Charging Forward like a Stampede

“Infierno” charges out of the gates as the fastest song on the album, possessing the unbridled force of a stampeding herd of rhinos. Its relentless and savage riffing delivers an auditory pleasure that begs to be experienced repeatedly. This standout track solidifies its place as a highlight, perfectly nestled in the album’s midpoint.

Tan Solo: An Unexpected Ballad-like Interlude

“Tan Solo” unexpectedly introduces a mellower atmosphere, veering into ballad-like territory. Challenging the expectations of thrash metal, it invites a gentle sway rather than headbanging. While maintaining its chunky riffs, this track stands out as a distinct departure from the album’s overall tone and style.

Falso Predicador: A Compelling and Addictive Chugging Riff

“Falso Predicador” captivates listeners with its compelling and infectious chugging riff, reminiscent of The Almighty’s “Wrench” from their 1994 album “Crank.” The powerful and resonating sound elevates the senses, leaving an impression on the forearms and neck, a testament to its captivating allure.

Desvanecidos: A Serene Respite

“Desvanecidos” offers a serene interlude, embracing listeners with its mellow and soothing guitar introduction. This brief instrumental intermission carries a distinct South American musical flavor, providing a tranquil pause before the album plunges back into the relentless onslaught of full-force thrash metal.

Todo Cae: A Mid-Tempo Stomper with an Assertive Edge

Amnessia Eterna – Malditos – CD presents “Todo Cae,” a track that exudes a bold and unapologetic attitude with its mid-tempo pace. This song stands out on the album for its direct and in-your-face approach, leaving an impression on listeners.

Malditos: A Thrash Metal Explosion

The album’s closing track, Malditos, is an explosive display of thrash metal knowledge. Packed with relentless speed, a touch of aggression, and ample headbanging opportunities, this song embodies the essence of the genre. It is bound to be a favorite among fans, igniting mosh pits with its irresistible energy.

In Conclusion:

Amnessia Eterna- Malditos – CD, a Thrilling Fusion of Thrash and Traditional Heavy Metal

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  1. Brutalife

    Amnessia Eterna from Chile plays thrash metal just the way I like it: straight up. No fancy sound effects or over-the-top guitar wankery. Just thrash metal.

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