Amnessia Eterna an thrash metal artist from Chile, arrive on the extreme metal scene with a bang, kicking the door down and forcing old school out the way.

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Thrash Metal Mastery from Chile

Malditos album from Amnessia Eterna is an explosive display of thrash metal knowledge packed with relentless speed, a touch of aggression, and ample headbanging opportunities, this song embodies the essence of the genre

Tracks List:

  1. Malditos
  2. Lujuria
  3. Desquiciado Pecador
  4. En Busca del Poder
  5. Initium
  6. Infierno
  7. Tan Solo
  8. Falso Predicador
  9. Desvanecidos
  10. Tudo Cae

Their explosive debut album ‘Malditos’ displays their unapologetic and aggressive style, evoking the spirit of classic eighties thrash metal. Let us delve into the eleven exhilarating tracks that make up this forty-five-minute album and explore the captivating realm of Amnessia Eterna.

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