Maze of Madness


Sinaya the all female death metal act from São Paulo – Brazil – Maze of Madness, with a certain touch of darkness that contributes a forcefulness to the music that will delight all fans of the style.

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Sinaya the All Female Death Metal Group

SINAYA has emerged as a formidable force in the realm of Death Metal with their album Maze of Madness in digital download + vinyl + cd formats.


  1. Abyss to death
  2. Always Pain
  3. Bath of Memories
  4. Buried by Terror
  5. Crowd in Panic
  6. Deep in the Grave
  7. Infernal Sight
  8. Life Against Fate
The band comprises Mylena Monaco, the fiery vocalist and guitarist, along with the skillful guitar work of Renata Petrelli , the thunderous bass lines of Bruna Melo, and the relentless drumming of Cynthia Tsai. Together, they forge a path of raw power and unbridled aggression.


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