Rise of the Beast (CD)

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Rise of the Beast (CD), dissonance collides with exquisiteness as Hellgarden (cl) based from Chile to hone in on their unique musical landscape while invoking elements of classic symphonic Black Metal



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Introduction to Hellgarden‘s Latest Album: “Rise of the Beast”

Hellgarden, the Chilean black metal band, recently unveiled their latest album titled “Rise of the Beast (CD).” This powerful album, released through the American label Brutal Records, highlights the band’s musical prowess entirely in English.

Haunting Introduction: “Intro (The Pact)”

The album takes listeners on a journey, beginning with the haunting one-minute introduction track titled “Intro (The Pact).” This atmospheric piece sets the stage for the remaining eight tracks.

Powerful Single: “Blackwolf”

The album then launches into “Blackwolf,” the impactful single that left an impression with its powerful riffs, relentless drums, atmospheric keyboards, resolute basslines, and deep, raspy vocals.

Melodic Transitions: “Marquis of Snakes”

“Marquis of Snakes,” which starts with a gentle and melodic tone before transitioning into a forceful black metal assault. The instruments deliver a robust performance, and an unexpected leisurely spoken section towards the end seamlessly leads into another intense and rapid execution.

Dark Atmosphere: “The Cross in Ashes”

The Cross in Ashes” opens with horns and keyboards, creating a melodic backdrop for the guitars, rhythmic drums, and Daniel Iturra’s raspy vocals. The addition of choirs enhances the dark atmosphere and adds to the overall impact of the track.

Thematic Exploration: “When Witches Burn”

The longest track on the album, “When Witches Burn,” explores the thematic inspiration—the burning of witches and the darkest era of religion. This composition takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride with its difficulties, with each instrument playing a pivotal role. The keyboard and seurn”cond voices provide a captivating response to Iturra’s singing, leading to a satisfying conclusion.

Moment of Respite: “Interludio (Sigh for Pain)”

At the midpoint of the album, “Interludio (Sigh for Pain)” offers a moment of respite compared to its predecessors, signaling the continuing ascent of the beast.

Virtuosic Display: “Demoniac Convocation””Demoniac

Convocation” starts off slowly and melodically before unleashing the band’s powerful virtuosity in full force. The chorus is relentless, displaying one of the fastest and most rhythmic performances on the album. Notably, the track features impressive guitar solos that command attention and bring the song to an impactful conclusion.

Dynamic and Thunderous: “Storm’s Knights”

Approaching the end, “Storm’s Knights” greets listeners with storm and lightning sounds, living up to its name. This song exhibits dynamic changes in its melodies, alternating between slow and fast sections, while keyboards and second voices provide a melodic and calming response—an intriguing mix skillfully executed by the band.

Final Offering: “The Last Dance in the Mist”

Finally, “Rise of the Beast (CD)” culminates with “The Last Dance in the Mist,” staying true to the album’s tone. The track starts off deep and smooth with a duet-like vocal delivery and two prominent guitars. While slower in pace compared to the others, it remains compelling and encapsulates Hellgarden’s signature dark sound.

Hellgarden’s Lineup and Debut on Brutal Records

Hellgarden, comprising of Daniel Iturra on vocals, Francisco Galvez and Kako Poblete on guitars, Karlos Mondaca on bass, Jaime Acuña on keyboards, and Michael Ríos on drums, delivers an overwhelming debut on Brutal Records with “Rise of the Beast.”

Album’s Duration and Engaging Experience

This album invites listeners to immerse themselves in the characteristic blend of Chilean black metal that incorporates melodic elements, offering a captivating experience that witnesses the rise of the beast across over 40 minutes.

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