Symphony of Good and Evil


Symphony of Good and Evil is a progressive metal conceptual music album by Hevilan based on the idea of the conflict between good and evil. within the human being. 

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Unleashing the Power of Pure Evil Music

Symphony of Good and Evil  by Hevilan group is the dynamic four-piece progressive metal band hailing from Brazil, has been captivating audiences since their formation in 2005. Symphony of Good and Evil album is an exhilarating fifty-five-minute opus of heavy prog-symphonic metal. This conceptual album delves deep into the conflict between good and evil within the human spirit. Through eight chapters and twelve themes of traditional heavy metal, meticulously crafted in the heart of Brazil, Hevilan offers a thrilling and captivating auditory experience.


01.  Dark Paradise
02. Rebellion of the Saints
03.  Great Battle
04.  Here I Am
05.  Always In My Dreams
06.  Devil Within – Part I: Evil Approaches
07.  Devil Within – Part II: Hammer of Gods
08.  Waiting For the Right Time
09.  Symphony of Good and Evil – Part I: Revelation
10.  Symphony of Good and Evil – Part II: Dark Ages
11.   Symphony of Good and Evil – Part III: Song of Rebellion
12.  Symphony of Good and Evil – Part IV: Epilogue

Alex Pasqualle on vocals, Johnny Moraes on guitar, Biek Yohaitus on bass, and Rafael Dyszy on drums, the band made their mark with their debut full-length album, “The End of Time,” in 2013. Now, Hevilan unveils their latest masterpiece, “Symphony of Good and Evil”  digital download format.


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