Carpathian Tales from Transylvania

Brutal Records is thrilled to announce that the pre-order for the long-awaited reissue album “Carpathian Tales” by the Caribbean black/death metal force.

Hailing from the ancient of Holguín City, CUBA. Mephisto has emerged as an uncompromising powerhouse in the Cuba underground metal scene.

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Genre: Black/Death Metal
Release: 1st March 2024
Order Start: 1st January 2024
Order Option: Digital, CD
Shipping: Order ship from 1st March 2024

With a track list that promises to take listeners on a tumultuous journey through realms of chaos and darkness, “CARPATHIAN TALES” delivers a blistering 50-minute assault on the senses. The album features a diverse array of collaborations, showcasing the band’s unyielding commitment to their art. The immersive artwork and meticulously crafted lyrics available only with download purchase at “Carpathian Tales”.

Prepare to embrace the infernal depths of “CARPATHIAN TALES” Mountains from Dracula’s Castle as Mephisto sets ablaze the boundaries of black and death metal. The legions await, ready to surrender to the mastery of black metal’s rising force.

Each instrument in the album has its moment to shine: the drummer strikes a balance between straightforward rhythms and showcasing technical prowess, the bass adds depth and presence, the guitar work is notable for its powerful riffs often infused with unexpected melodic twists, and the symphonic elements, incorporated through electronics, contribute to the overall charm of the album.

Secure your piece of black and death metal tale now. Join the dark legacy of Mephisto!

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Mephisto | Carpathian Tales

Release Date : March 1, 2024
Artist : Mephisto
Genre : Black Metal
label : Brutal Records
Catalog ref. : BRUT89655
Format : Digital Download

01. Intro – Blasphemy Birth in Transylvania
02. Before thy Darkest Throne
03. Symphony of Wolves
04. Mausoleum of Immortals
05. Lord Draculia
06. Under Moonlight I Wish
07. IV Moon Domine
08. Monarch of Wallachia
09. One Dead Kiss … in Aeternum
10. The Carpathian Chronicle
11. Outro -Cry of the Blizzard