Fusion of Thrash and Groove Metal

Making Noise Living Fast  by HellgardeN the epitome of Brazilian metal presents a formidable blend of thrash metal and groove metal.

In their latest release Making Noise Living Fast is the band displays songs that exude an authentic, intense, and captivating sound. With their exceptional musicianship, HellgardeN firmly establishes themselves as experts in the genre.

Unleashing Ferocity and Intensity

Prepare to be swept away by the unbridled ferocity and unyielding intensity that kickstarts the album with “Spit on Hypocrisy.” From its infectious grooves that grip your very core to the blistering vocals that pierce through the air, every element converges to create an explosive and unapologetic sonic experience.

This incendiary track sets the tone for a relentless journey of pure aggression, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s soul. Evolving Strength and Darker Depths. Continuing the onslaught, “Evolution or Destruction” maintains the band’s distinctive style.

The enthusiastic vocals, thick guitar riffs, and mesmerizing solos interweave seamlessly, accompanied by bone-crushing bass lines. Amidst moments of brooding darkness, the track delivers an ominous and punishing atmosphere, displaying HellgardeN’s growth and musical depth.

Rhythmic Thrash Metal with Unwavering Swagger

“Learned to Play Dirty” embodies rhythmic thrash metal influences while radiating unwavering confidence. The piercing, acidic vocals juxtaposed with the weighty guitars create a compelling dynamic. This anthem stands as a testament to HellgardeN’s ability to craft infectious and memorable compositions.

Swift and Relentless Thrash Fury

In a brief yet impactful burst of chaotic thrash, “Fuck the Consequences” seizes attention. Its wild vocals and crushing bass line propel the track forward, leaving an unforgettable impression. HellgardeN’s understanding of delivering swift and unyielding thrash metal shines brightly here.

A Showcase of Musicianship and Power

“Brainwash” exemplifies the band’s thrash metal prowess, boasting imaginative riffs and impassioned vocals. A demented and captivating guitar solo adds a unique touch, making it an unforgettable and catchy highlight. The album’s eponymous track, “Making Noise, Living Fast,” embraces a thunderous bass presence, unleashing an unstoppable force from the very beginning.

Mixed Impressions and a Decent Conclusion

While “Believe in Yourself or Die” embodies solid thrash-infused groove metal, it may not leave an enduring impact. Nevertheless, it maintains the band’s trademark quality. The final offering, “Possessed by Noise,” follows a similar formula, featuring mesmerizing bass lines and captivating drumming. Though not groundbreaking, it serves as a fitting conclusion to the record.

HellgardeN’s debut album, “Making Noise Living Fast,” is a testament to their raw and uncompromising sound. Blending elements of thrash and groove metal, the band delivers an immersive and powerful experience. Their exceptional musicianship and unrelenting energy display their evolution as artists. While some tracks shine brighter than others, the album sets the stage for a promising future. Prepare yourself for an intense and electrifying journey that solidifies HellgardeN’s position in the metal realm.

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HellgardeN | Making Noise Living Fast

Release Date : April 10, 2020
Artist : HellgardeN (br)
Genre : Goove Metal
label : Brutal Records
Catalog ref. : BRUT89618
Format : Digital Download

Spit on Hypocrisy
Evolution or Destruction
Learned to Play Dirty
Fuck the Consequences
Making Noise, Living Fast
Believe in Yourself or Die
Possessed by Noise