Touch of Darkness

Maze of Madness by Sinaya Brazilian all female death metal goddess has emerged as a formidable force in the realm of Death Metal with their new album. 

The band comprises Mylena Monaco, the fiery vocalist and guitarist, along with the skillful guitar work of Renata Petrelli , the thunderous bass lines of Bruna Melo, and the relentless drumming of Cynthia Tsai. Together, they forge a path of raw power and unbridled aggression.

As a gripping album opener, “Abyss to Death” seizes your attention from the start with unyielding intensity. The track unfurls with a relentless assault of electrifying guitar riffs and pounding drums, setting the tone for the captivating odyssey that lies ahead.

Forging a kinship with the opener, “Always Pain” continues the onslaught initiated by its predecessor. It maintains the infectious energy and quality displayed earlier, impressing with the band’s guitar and drum skills. Initially uncertain about the vocals, their seamless integration becomes apparent, enhancing the album’s vision and genre.

Bath of Memories,” the band’s tight-knit cooperation shines through, aligning the fusion of instrumentation and vocals. This potent offering seamlessly weaves together powerful guitar melodies and an unrelenting rhythm section, while the vocals take center stage, commanding attention with precision and impact.

Buried by Terror” showcases the band’s exemplary drumming skills, placing the spotlight squarely on their stellar drummer. The driving force behind the song, the drums propel the track forward with unyielding might. The remaining band members rise to the occasion, delivering an impressive performance crowned by a scintillating guitar solo that elevates the composition to new heights.

Embracing harshness and distorted vibes, “Crowd in Panic” initially arrests listeners with its harsh vocals and distorted sound. Eventually, the brilliance behind this artistic choice is revealed as the song immerses them in a dark and aggressive sonic realm, where the unfiltered aggression of the vocals authentically mirrors the intense atmosphere.

Deep in the Grave” introduces a cleaner yet undeniably heavy sonic landscape, emblematic of Death Metal’s essence. The track displays exceptional drumming and captivating guitar work, with a notable middle section that sees the drummer and guitarist embarking on an enthralling jam session seamlessly woven into the fabric of the song. With an explosive intro, “Infernal Sight” unleashes a relentless onslaught of speed and frenzy that persists throughout. The track displays impressive guitar wizardry, intensifying its unyielding assault and leaving an indelible mark on the listener.

As the closing anthem, “Life Against Fate” stands tall as a testament to SINAYA‘s skilled songwriting and exceptional musicianship. Prepare for a breathtaking performance that leaves an indelible impression, displaying the band’s undeniable talent and musical prowess.

Descend into the Sinister Depths of “Maze of Madness” beckons daring souls to embark on a perilous journey through the realms of Death Metal. SINAYA‘s album is available for streaming via Brutal Records and is also available in high-quality format.

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Sinaya | Maze of Madness

Release Date : February 10, 2018
Artist : Sinaya
Genre : Death Metal
label : Brutal Records
Catalog ref. : BRUT89602
Format : Digital Download

1. Abyss to death
2. Always Pain
3. Bath of Memories
4. Buried by Terror
5. Crowd in Panic
6. Deep in the Grave
7. Infernal Sight
8. Life Against Fate
9. Legion of Demons