Unique Fusion of Death and Heavy Metal

The Dark Hymns by Dark Rites displaying their ability to blend death metal and classic heavy metal while incorporating melodic elements. Moreover, the band draws inspiration from renowned acts like Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, and Iron Maiden, which is evident throughout their music.

Impressive Skills Unleashed

The album kicks off with the track “Divine Duplicity,” featuring classic death metal riffs and intense blast beats. As one of the upcoming metal music artists, Dark Rites demonstrates their skill in incorporating tempo changes and mid-tempo sections that are perfect for headbanging. In addition, lead vocalist Kole Cook delivers deep growls and occasional screams consistently throughout the album, further highlighting the band’s impressive skills.

Underground Fusion

Following the opening track, “Goliath the Coward” combines elements of Arch Enemy and early Cataclysm, creating a unique fusion that solidifies Dark Rites’ position among the underground metal artists. This standout track is highly recommended for fans of the band who appreciate the innovative approach.

Old-School Grinding Style

“In Stasis” takes on a traditional old-school grinding style, with driving rhythms and captivating guitar solos that are sure to ignite mosh pits. Dark Rites, known as one of the best metal music artists, displays their ability to deliver this style effectively in “The Dark HymnsFurthermore, “Moira,” the subsequent track, starts with calmer tones and incorporates vocal lines and a mid-tempo beat reminiscent of Amon Amarth’s earlier works, further diversifying the band’s repertoire.

Catchy Hooks and Impressive Skills

“Scars” starts with a catchy hook, displaying drummer Randy Kaciak’s impressive skills. Notably, the influence of Viking metal can be heard in Dark Rites’ sound, solidifying their position among the best metal music artists Additionally, “Serena” allows guitarist Wojtek Widuch to indulge in epic melodies before transitioning into a mid-tempo anthem with brief solos and occasional blast beats, further displaying the band’s ability to craft memorable hooks and demonstrate their instrumental prowess.

Subtle Influences

“Shadow God” presents cold and precise riffing subtly influenced by black metal, featuring a four-minute breakdown with catchy hook lines. Dark Rites, known as one of the top underground metal artists, incorporates these subtle influences effectively in their music. It is worth mentioning that “The Devil’s Heroes,” while leaning more towards Swedish death metal, occasionally takes inspiration from established acts in the genre, further highlighting the band’s ability to incorporate diverse influences.

Powerful Closing

The album concludes with “The Great Halcyon Wars,” starting with a touch reminiscent of Peter Tägtgren’s songwriting style. This powerful and energetic closing piece amalgamates key elements from the previous songs, solidifying Dark Rites’ position as one of the best metal music artists in the scene.

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Dark Rites | The Dark Hymns

Release Date : September 11, 2020
Artist : Dark Rites
Genre : Death Metal
label : Brutal Records
Catalog ref. : BRUT89622
Format : Digital Download

1. Divine Duplicity
2. Goliath the Coward
3. In Stasis
4. Moira
5. Scars
6. Serena
7. Shadow God
8. The Devils Heroes
9. The Great Halcyon Wars