Australia Groove Metal Madness

Tomorrow Will Be Better by All This Filth behold the spectacle of societal decay, where civilization crumbles and humanity devours itself! Witness the ominous clouds of doom overshadowing any hope of progress, as stagnation shackles the very essence of evolution!

All This Filth, the ferocious behemoths of industrial groove-metal from Perth, emerge from this cesspool of hatred and disgust, wielding their thunderous, relentless onslaught of aggression!

Unleashing their fury upon the unprepared, All This Filth stand as a relentless force in the metal landscape, hailing from the forsaken wastelands of Perth, Western Australia! They amalgamate the darkest corners of metal’s abyss, blending Groove Metal, Thrash, Hardcore, Death Metal, Industrial Metal, and even the vilest remnants of Sludge and Nu-Metal, forging a weapon of sonic annihilation!

Influenced by the likes of Fear Factory, Chimaira, and Sepultura, they epitomize the primal essence of metal through bone-crushing riffs, thunderous drums, and a bass so fierce it rattles the very foundations of existence, all interwoven with electronic keys and audio samples of anguish and despair!

Emerging from the shadows in 2008, All This Filth, known proudly as ATF within the infernal circles of Perth’s metal scene, have amassed a legion of devout followers with their explosive, unrelenting live performances!

Their debut album, “11 Past,” struck the world like a meteoric impact, leaving critics gasping for air with its sheer force! Their follow-up EP, “Programmed to Suffer,” continued the onslaught, earning them accolades and nominations, proving their dominance over the desolate wasteland of metal!

With their second opus, “Misery Season,” unleashed upon the world in 2019, All This Filth solidified their dominion over the realm of metal, garnering acclaim and nominations alike! They ascended to new heights, gracing prestigious stages such as the 2019 WAMFest and the hallowed grounds of the sold-out Slayfest in 2020, standing shoulder to shoulder with West Australia’s metal elite! Amidst the chaos of the “Misery Season” album cycle, they embarked on their first conquest to the east, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake with blistering performances and a haunting visual spectacle in their music video for “Drowning”!

As they kicked off 2023 supporting Powerman 5000 in their home turf of Perth, All This Filth embarked on a new chapter, forging a new lineup and crafting their next masterpiece of devastation!

The future bears witness to their relentless march, as they once again take the stage by storm, leaving nothing but chaos and awe in their wake!

Brendan Preston‘s vocals, infused with the agony of a thousand damned souls, pierce through the veil of sanity!

Brock Smith and Lenny Onel’s guitars, like twin blades of fury, carve through the very fabric of reality!

Benny Bones, master of bass and keys, orchestrates a symphony of despair

Garett Stanford‘s drums, like thunderous war drums of Armageddon, herald the end of days!

Brace yourselves, for the reign of All This Filth has only just begun!


All This Filth | Tomorrow Will Be Better

Release Date : February 9, 2024
Artist : All This Filth
Genre : groove metal
label : Brutal Records
Catalog ref. : BRUT89654
Format : Digital Download

01. It’s Never Going To Be Ok
02. Dark Hearts, Dead Minds
03. Still Bleeds My Heart
04. Disconnect
05. No More Rain
06. Breathing Concrete
07. Exploitation
08. Waste My Life
09. Collapsing
10. Skyline
11. Tomorrow Will Be Better