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After the Flesh

After the Flesh

After the Flesh release date in October 18, 2024. For the age of darkness is upon us, and KAIVS leads the charge. As the world trembles in anticipation, KAIVS emerges from the shadows, ready to conquer all who dare to stand in their way.Brace yourselves, for a new Single in all plaforms “For Satan Your Flesh For...

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Metal Music Playlist

Get Fired Up With Metal Music Playlists Crafted by Metal Bands!

Playlists If you’re a fan of metal music and you’re looking for the most cutting-edge playlists on Spotify, you’ll definitely want to check out “Best Metal Song Global 2024,” “Metal Madness Collection 2024,” “Old School Thrash Metal Playlist 2000’s and Onward” and “Best Metal Music Underground.” These playlists are updated regularly and feature the latest...

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Sahon - Blood Shall Be Paid

Sahon is primed to unleash their blistering onslaught ‘Blood Shall Be Paid’ ravaging through Brutal Records with merciless intensity on March 8, 2024

South Korean Thrash Metal Legacy South Korean thrash veterans SAHON unleash their seventh album blistering onslaught Blood Shall Be Paid via the American label Brutal Records on March 8th, 2024 Brutal Records is thrilled to announce their exciting new partnership with South Korea Thrash Metal group trio SAHON, signed a worldwide distribution deal for Digital and Physical with the label. SAHON's upcoming album, "Blood Shall Be Paid" is a nine-track blitzkrieg of thrash metal that hits like a sonic avalanche. This album doesn't just start strong; it explodes with an unrelenting ferocity and a speed that feels like a sonic assault......

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Carpathian Tales

Mephisto is gearing up to drop their spine-tingling opus, “Carpathian Tales,” with a fury through Brutal Records on March 1st, 2024.

MEPHISTO is set to unleash their bone-chilling masterpiece, "Carpathian Tales," via Brutal Records on March 1st, 2024. Hitting you like a relentless avalanche of dark, haunting symphonic black metal from Cuba in the Caribbean! Carpathian Tales delivering a tightly woven and expertly produced sound, this recent release skillfully blends various elements and styles within its genre, maintaining an engaging quality. Tracklist: 01. Intro - Blasphemy Birth in Transylvania 02. Before thy Darkest Throne 03. Symphony of Wolves 04. Mausoleum of Immortals 05. Lord Draculia 06. Under Moonlight I Wish 07. IV Moon Domine 08. Monarch of Wallachia 09. One Dead Kiss......

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All This Filth

Brutal Records is pleased to announce the signing of Groove Metal Artist ‘All This Filth’

All This Filth, the dynamic and trailblazing metallers renowned for their industrial-tinged groove metal sound and impassioned lyrics, have ignited excitement with the revelation of their collaboration with the US record label Brutal Records for their highly anticipated new album, titled "Tomorrow Will Be Better?" 1. It's Never Going To Be Ok 2. Dark Hearts, Dead Minds 3. Still Bleeds My Heart 4. Disconnect 5. No More Rain 6. Breathing Concrete 7. Exploitation 8. Waste My Life 9. Collapsing 10. Skyline 11. Tomorrow Will Be Better? Their distinctive fusion of genres and influences, coupled with emotionally charged lyrics, assures an......

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Mephisto - Carpathian Tales

Mephisto – Carpathian Tales

The band MEPHISTO was founded in September 1997 in the City of Holguín, Cuba. It was the first group Cuban metal in mixing within its chords the old school black metal sound of the 90's, at the same time they were the first to appear on stage with their made-up faces and costumes satanists, which caused a great movement within the national scene. From its foundation to date has been presented at all the national festivals and has shared the stage with most of the Cuban bands and some international ones. In September 2013 the band gave a great concert......

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